120Water and CEO Megan Glover featured in Inc.

//120Water and CEO Megan Glover featured in Inc.

120Water and CEO Megan Glover featured in Inc.

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The important work our company is doing to protect public health has generated attention from some of the biggest leaders and publications in both the water and technology space.

Inc.com just published an article on our founder, Megan Glover, and the increasing consumer demand for transparency. The piece covers the story behind our founding, the success we’ve seen so far in terms of customers and funding, and the challenges modern startups continue to face in the water industry. 

In the article, Megan states: “Consumers are getting a lot more vocal about the quality of their water… that’s forcing [traditional water utility companies] to think differently about the programs they run and how they communicate with consumers.” This increased awareness and public pressure is a driving factor in creating the need for more modern technology and transparent communication from water systems. 

Changing legislation – in particular proposed revisions to the Lead and Copper Rule (LCR) – also creates new requirements for water systems, such as a 24-hour notification rule for exceedances, that will continue to drive the industry forward in adopting modern technology and communicating effectively.

120Water has led the way in the digital water sphere, and it’s exciting to see the team’s work acknowledged. 

In addition to the Inc.com article, an article by Megan ran in the February 2020 edition of Water Finance & Management Magazine. The piece, titled “Avoiding Crisis: Preparing for the Proposed Lead and Copper Rule Revisions,” walks through the three signficiant changes that we believe will have the most significant impact on Community Water Systems. These changes are:

  • Improved Risk Communications to Customers
  • Continually Updating Lead Service Line Inventories
  • New School & Childcare Facility Sampling Programs 

In the article, Megan breaks down what each of these shifts will mean for water systems and how they can and should be thinking about getting ready for them. She emphasizes how essential it is to take action now to prepare for these changes – steps such as evaluating utility’s data systems, workflows, and partners will set water systems up for success to remain compliant when the new legislation goes into effect.

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