3 Things to Know About the WIIN Act

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3 Things to Know About the WIIN Act

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Under the new Water Infrastructure Improvements for the Nation (WIIN) Act, over $40 million dollars in funding is on the table to assist with testing for lead in drinking water at schools.

Since the announcement in September of last year of the grant program, states and territories have submitted their Notice of Intent to Participate and been informed by the EPA Office of Ground Water and Drinking Water (OGWDW) of their final allocation. Now what?

At the end of June, workplan samples became available to all states to states, kicking off the workplan and budget narrative review process (find those documents here). Here are some quick things you need to know about the next steps for WIIN:

Due Date: July 22

All workplans and budget narratives are due on July 22, 2019. These documents will be sent to EPA regional contacts for review (find your regional contact here) – at that point, the EPA will provide any necessary comments so that you can address issues before final submission.

Vendors must be named

Any vendors or contractors that you may be using funding to partner with need to be named in the workplan. Even if you’re still evaluating specific partners or paths forward in execution of your plan, make sure to include every vendor or contractor that you’re evaluating. This will ensure that you have the utmost flexibility to execute your program in the most effective way possible, partnering with whoever is necessary to get the job done.

120Water is here to help

120Water provides a platform with configurable software and point of use testing kits that, on its own, can help you streamline your program execution. Government agencies in Maryland, Indiana, and the City of Chicago have seen success with our purpose-built software for their lead sampling programs. Here are some ways they’ve used our software to find success:

  • Manage Data
  • Automate facility results & communications to schools and other stakeholders
  • Automate public transparency maps
  • View Real-time program management data
  • Standardize lab results reporting
  • Automate statewide reporting
  • Electronically report results

If you’d like to learn more about how 120Water can support your regulated or voluntary lead testing program, schedule a demo with our team. 

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