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Knowing Your Water Starts Here

Our Mission

To provide consumers and institutions an easy and reliable solution to test for harmful contaminants in their water supply.

Water Testing

Our Vision

To provide high quality regular Lab water testing to consumers and institutions throughout the United States.

Water Testing Laboratory

Your Water Advocates

Knowing what’s in your water is only half the story. The benefit of choosing a testing partner with 25 years in the water quality business is that we know water. We’ll help you understand what you should be testing for, how often and what remediation options are available

Water Audit℠ Testing at the Point of Use with 120WaterAudit

120WaterAudit is the only company with a cloud-based software technology platform, point of use Water Audit℠ testing kits and complimentary services to manage the full lifecycle of Lead Service Line Replacement, Lead and Copper Compliance events, and Customer Water Audit℠ Test Request programs. Our Software as Service (SaaS) platform can be licensed and configured to meet and surpass the needs of comprehensive Lead Management Programs.  

Drinking water can become contaminated with lead from internal plumbing fixtures. As a result, Water Audit℠ testing at the point of use is the only way to ensure that the water being consumed is safe.

Shipping and tracking Water Audit℠ testing kits minimizes the operational burden that results from the exponentially increasing consumer demand.