Data Management: The Linchpin of Lead and Copper Compliance and Telling the Story

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Data Management: The Linchpin of Lead and Copper Compliance and Telling the Story

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“Do not be afraid of work that has no end.” Scott Harrison, CEO and founder of Charity:Water, ended his new book Thirst with this rabbinic adage. Charity:Water raises money to fund water projects across the world to bring clean water to some of the most remote, forgotten places on the planet. Scott’s mission is to create a world where every person has access to safe, clean water. We share the mission, but from a different perspective.

Next week we head to the Association of State Drinking Water Administrators (ASDWA) Annual Conference where executives from across the country will come together to learn from one another about ways to move the industry forward. We’re honored to be on the agenda speaking about the two things that drive our mission—data and lead.

120Water CEO and founder, Megan Glover, is presenting on best practices cities, utilities, schools and organizations can use in the data management and testing procedures of their lead programs to ensure that every dollar is creating the most value and the most impact. We’re driven by the desire to be a resource and we’re currently developing an ebook to help utilities and program managers wrap their heads around lead and copper compliance and the role of data management to the solution. Data management is truly the linchpin to compliance and our goal is to provide guidance on how it can help utilities tackle challenges related to both public health and lead and copper compliance while also handling all the other day to day operational tasks.

As a business in the water sector, we can’t help but feel more like the Charity:Waters of the world than the Googles. Our product is data and technology, but our product is used by entities that directly impact the public health of a nation every single day. That’s a purpose that doesn’t go unnoticed and a catalyst for our mission. We recognize the challenges faced by both sides of the equation and seek to offer solutions that benefit both.

There is an end to our work and there is a world where every person in America has access to lead-free water. The solution lies within the story derived from the information that data and technology provide and that information is powerful. Information about the global water crisis allowed Scott Harrison and his team to tell a story that raised enough funds to install 28,000 water projects impacting 8.2 million people. Imagine the power information can have in writing the story you tell to create a lead-free world.

It’s not about claiming responsibility, it’s about being good stewards. It’s about using data to create awareness and education—a responsibility of every public health official. Data management can help you tell the story that sets the foundation to create smart solutions.

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