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Avoid crisis by preparing now for Lead & Copper Rule compliance.

Achieve compliance with 120Water™’s unmatched end-to-end solution, from data management, automated consumer testing kits to proactive stakeholder communication.

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Centralize data management.

Data management is at the core of simplifying your LCR event. Our software allows you to streamline all necessary data components (customer information, service line, water quality, etc) to give you a 360 degree, real-time picture of your compliance needs.

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Simplify Testing Kits.

LCR testing can eat up valuable time and resources between kit delivery, pickup, and processing. Our consumer kit system automates that process, freeing your team to focus on the task of protecting public health. Our real-time data tracking lets you know where you are every step of the way – no more driving necessary. 

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Complete your compliance program.

Between ever-evolving rules and regulations and numerous stakeholders, compliance can be hard. Our software automatically ingests lab results, triggers consumer notifications, and ensures that those stakeholders are in the know – and that you are fully compliant.

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