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Map and manage your LSLR program from start to finish.

Manage successful Lead Service Line Replacements & Inventory programs with a solution that streamlines inventory data, work orders, and progress reporting.

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Take a confident first step.

With 120Water’s LSL Probability Finder™, water utilities and related agencies can quantify the effort and resources they will need to tackle our drinking water infrastructure challenge

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Centralize your service line inventory data.

A lot goes into a service line inventory – GIS, historical paper data, customer information, and demographic information. Our software centralizes all that key data, keeping critical components together so that you can manage successful replacement programs.

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Visualize lead service lines.

You’ll need a quick and easy way to get a full picture of your LSLR Program. Choose between our easy-to-use GIS or integrating with your existing system to provide a visual view of customers and service line connections so that you can see your progress at a glance. 

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Manage your replacement program.

Tie your service line inventory data in with our work order and program management functions – we’ll give you all the functionality you need to execute your programs at scale in one central system.

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Lead Service Line Replacement

Execute point of use kits.

Several factors go into executing point of use kits – most replacement programs require pre-test, post-test and filtering components. 120Water’s kits combined with our software allow you to manage and monitor that entire process.

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