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Pitcher/Filter Programs

We know managing a successful pitcher filter programs is more than logistics. The 120WaterAudit platform can manage your program from start to end.

Rinse and repeat.

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Inventory Management

120WaterAudit procures NSF 53 pitcher filters — or we’ll work with your current vendor to warehouse, pack, and ship the right pitcher filters for your program.

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When it comes to distribution, we have a options. Our platform distributes pitcher/filter kits from a list upload or a form made available to your customers for individual requests. Thinking about sending vouchers? We’ll generate voucher codes you can use in communication, and validate voucher submission.

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Ongoing program managment

We know pitcher/filter programs are not one and done. With the 120WaterAudit platform, you’ll be provided insights along the way empowering your internal customer team to answer questions in real-time.

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