Simplify the Daunting Task of Testing Multiple Locations

Lead testing in facilities such as daycares and schools are a hot-button issue today, with children being among the most susceptible population to contaminants in water. 120Water simplifies the entire program and sample management lifecycle.
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Test & Remediate Fixtures

Sample plans can require complicated testing and remediation processes that add strain to your resources. 120Water is purpose-built to be your one-stop-shop for your program’s needs, with kits, services, and software combining to take the burden off your shoulders. Bonus: Our services team has helped run successful facility programs in the past and can advise on the most effective strategies throughout your program

Prevent Tasks from Slipping through the Cracks

Field workers are testing fixtures in various locations, and manual processes mean things can fall through the cracks. Our solution empowers your team to input and compile data from multiple sources, with a central dashboard providing clear next steps & a record of the work you’ve completed. Our mobile-compatible software allows field workers to enter data on-the-go as they sample fixtures around a facility

Meet the Public’s Demand for Information

Facilities often serve vulnerable populations, and stakeholders want to know what’s in the drinking water. 120Water can automate communications to ensure that all necessary people are always in the loop. From triggering backpack letters for parents to publishing results on a Public Transparency Dashboard, our solution enables communication that scales.

In use at over 170,000 taps across the nation, 120Water™ is everything facilities need to execute sampling programs at scale.