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Government Agencies

Focus on protecting public health

Launching and maintaining water quality programs in your city or state can have a huge impact on resources while creating an endless maze of logistics. 120Water enables you to focus on the important job of providing safe drinking water within your population.
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Execute Effectively at Scale

Executing large-scale programs is logistically difficult and can be costly. Our software and kit automation enables scalability, ensuring you can apply your playbook smoothly at any level. With our cloud-based software, program participants can do work from anywhere, at any time, to execute your program at any scale.

Confront Emerging Threats

New contaminants are at the forefront of emerging water quality threats – and you need to be ready to respond. From lead, to arsenic, to Legionella, our flexible, cloud-based solution can be applied to any emerging contaminant to keep you ahead of potential new dangers.

Avoid a PR Crisis

Drinking water quality has never been under such a microscope – and no one wants to be the next Flint. Our solution allows you to communicate before, during, and after your programs to make sure the right messages are going to the right people. Use our consumer notifications or Public Transparency Dashboard to build trust within your community or population.
Case Study
Ft. Wayne Collects & Tests 900+ Consumer Samples in 5 Months
Learn how 120Water™ helped the city of Ft. Wayne, Indiana automate their kit testing process and manage proactive communication.
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In use at over 170,000 taps across the nation, 120Water is everything government agencies and communities need to execute water quality initiatives at scale.