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Public Water Systems (PWS) in the US are tasked with regulating over 90 contaminants within the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA). One of the most complex rules to execute is the Lead and Copper Rule (LCR). The Lead and Copper Rule (LCR) is the only rule in which the PWS must go “beyond the meter” to capture a sample of water from a customer’s home. While currently a triennial event in most States, this event and the program nuances around it, can often be a resource burden and compliance risk to many Public Water Systems across the US.

Since the lead in water crisis of Flint, MI, there have been additional pressures put upon public water systems to not only increase their lead sampling best practices, but also the prioritization and planning of Lead Service Line Replacement both within their distribution system and on the customer side of the line as well.

With Federal LCR revisions pending, some states including, Ohio, Michigan, Colorado, Illinois, California, have put stricter rules in place with regards to LCR, Lead Service Line Inventory and Replacement Timelines.

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120WaterAudit works with Public Water Systems to plan, manage and execute increased and new lead programs within their system.

How we work with Public Water Systems:

  • Lead Program Management Software
  • Point of Use Solutions (Kits and Filters)
  • Certified Laboratory Statewide Contracts
  • Environmental Consulting Statewide Contracts
  • Managed Services & Technical Assistance
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