Not a pipe dream.

Compliant and Cost-Effective lead program management is here.

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Chasing down data isn’t your job.

Your customer, program, and testing data need to be centralized so you can easily track your lead compliance programs and take immediate action. By bringing these data sources together, you’re ready to execute lead testing events in record time.

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Stop spending hours sifting through spreadsheets.

With a well established data collection process, analytics empower you to easily monitor the status of your water testing programs. You’ll know immediately where to focus your water quality efforts.

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Ensure compliance with automated customer notifications.

Compliance violations are often the result of improper or missed notifications. Automating these communications takes that burden off your plate so you can focus on your remediation plan.

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Standardize. Automate. Audit.

Programs are mapped with compliance to regulations in mind. A well-established roadmap ensures your testing programs are executed with consistency and accuracy.

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Reduce point of use testing cost by 50% or more.

Easy to use testing kits and automated lab coordination instantly reduces your total cost per sample.

  • Testing data is automatically entered into the platform
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