Use Partnerships to Communicate the Value of Water to New Audiences

//Use Partnerships to Communicate the Value of Water to New Audiences

Use Partnerships to Communicate the Value of Water to New Audiences

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You’re constantly looking for ways to communicate the value of water to your customers. Our Customer Touch Points infographic and the accompanying blog posts have offered tips in areas such as social media, website, newsletters, and more to help you maximize your efforts. Another way to amplify your messaging is through collaboration & partnerships.

Collaboration Amplifies

Partnering with other organizations and entities in your community can often lead to a 1+1=3 scenario, benefiting both you and your partner and helping you to take your messaging to a volume you haven’t been able to achieve before. Cross-promoting allows each of you to reach audiences that may not necessarily be receiving your messaging otherwise.

This can be a chance to tell the story of the value of water to a group outside of your typical reach. Look to local civic organizations, businesses, and community leaders – potential partners that align with your values and can communicate the importance of clean water to their constituents, customers, members, etc.

Speak Their Language

Just as with many other forms of communication we’ve highlighted, it’s essential to understand your audience. When partnering with people and organizations outside your typical reach to amplify your message, it’s key to understand who their typical audiences are, and to speak their language.

Align with their narrative. Communication is about telling a story, and if you can weave the story of water into the mission and values of the partner’s audience, they will listen, and they will understand.

Tie water back to what’s important to them – whether that’s public health, education, or community building. Put in the time to research and deeply understand what matters most to these audiences. This is a chance for you to educate a new group about water in a way that’s relevant to them.


The value of water affects everyone – but if you limit yourself to your immediate audience, you risk missing out on a large group of your customers that deserve to hear your message. Partnering with others in the community allows you to spread that message wider to reach previously untapped audiences.

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